Windows 10

Windows 10



Finally I got the free update to Windows 10 from Microsoft. Microsoft give the free update for Windows 10 to their customer until June 2016. After waiting for some weeks I got the update for Windows 10. It doesn’t take too long from downloading until installing the Windows 10. There are some differences between previous Windows 8.1, there are:

  1. The Start Menu

Start menu is look like Windows 7 but in the new look. It’s look like combination between Windows 7 and 8, then the display look good.



2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft replace the Internet Explorer, that has been include in every Windows to the Microsoft Edge. The aim of the Microsoft Edge is give more reliable and speed than previous IE, but I still love Chrome actually 😉



3. New Look on Windows Explorer

The new design of icon in Explorer look very simple and minimalist.


4. New Music Player

If in Windows 8 or 8.1 the music player (not Windows Media Player) is automatically shows in full screen but in Windows 10 it’s more user friendly and easy to use.


5. New Task bar display

The task bar  has differences in the icon like battery indicator, wifi, etc. Not too much different with Windows 8.1



Until now I think there are not a lot differences between 8.1 in performance, but I more satisfy in the display from this Windows 10. Hope you can experience your new Windows 10 better! See ya