Thank You EPSON!

Thank You EPSON!

Cikarang, 24 September 2016

Today was my last day working in PT. Indonesia Epson Industry (IEI) which located in Cikarang, Bekasi. I’ve worked here almost one year one month since August 2015. It’s quite hard to leave my friends, colleague and everything that had been my routine here. There no more blue uniform, blue hat and meet “thousand” people everyday in production floor.

But journey must go on. I officially resigned from IEI in Friday for continue my career in a place that I dreamed since long time ago. Sadness and happiness combined into one memory in the last minutes before I leave the office and production floor heading to HR room to return facilities that company had given to me.

Thank you E2 Manufacturing Engineering, E2 Production, Key Unit & Scanner Production for all of your support, experience, and many things that it will be memorize all of time for the first time working experience.

May Allah give us opportunity to meet again someday and talk about our new story! Success for us! Thank you.

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Catatan Perjalanan : Business Trip to SEA Block E-Kaizen Convention 2016

Catatan Perjalanan : Business Trip to SEA Block E-Kaizen Convention 2016

“Ham, gue ngebayangin suatu saat nanti gue ke bandara tapi buat terbang urusan kerjaan gitu”

“Iya bener, kapan ya bisa kayak gitu?”

Sepenggal percakapan antara saya dan partner TA saya dulu pada masa-masa sehabis sidang yang berisi tentang angan-angan tentang masa depan kami nanti. Dan alhamdulilah, akhirnya saya mendapatkan kesempatan business trip (biztrip) ke Batam untuk mewakili kantor saya untuk berkompetisi antar affiliate Epson se-ASEAN. Sesampainya saya di gate Terminal 2F, langsung teringat penggalan percakapan diatas yang pernah menjadi angan-angan kami, dan akhirnya dapat tercapai setahun kemudian.  Continue reading