A well spent Monday…

Hey good readers, how are you? I’m back to this blog after my main blog (http://ilhamfauzan.net) down and now still repaired.

Monday, where people should “get up” for the reality after their weekend, but I have a well spent Monday in Bandung. I should prepared some of documents needed for my marriage in couple months to go where it should be done in a day. Beside that, I have reunion with my rumput mate, Adira & Agung, after a long time we don’t meet together to share some stories and update from our life.

We met in a cafe located in jalan Sukabumi, Brew & Chew. It recommended by Adira because I request to meet not too far from my house because I still have finished some outstanding documents in Kelurahan office and Religious Affair office. We spent around 3 hours here, chit chat, and laugh together, where last time we’ve done it maybe a year ago or more?

2010 – 2018

Time flies so fast ya, I remember when we first meet (or we call it “Nongki”) when we worked together for an event in high school until now we can bring the same atmosphere despite one of our friends to choose “quit”. We have same “taste” of many things. Many things we’ve done together since 2010 from playing PES, cycling, singing, and other crazy things. Unfortunately we haven’t travel together to someplace far away. Should we do it?


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