Welcome the next generation of SISPROMASI Lab!

After passed many challenges in recruitment of Sispromasi Laboratory, finally we have choose you for being the next generation of our beloved laboratory. I hope they can make this lab better from us (2011 above). Explore your idea and innovation, don’t think just inside the box, spread your spirit to each other to make a solid team that will guide to the very bright future for Sispromasi and for yourself and  face the problem in front of you as a challenge that you must solve. Finally, Congrats Sispromasi 2012, Success!

SIspromasi 2011-2012

Sispromasi 2011-2012

(3rd row) Me-Ogi-Ayu-Vita-Fazri-Mimi-Ici-Ojan-Althob

(2nd row) Solo-Marjan-Aim-Yasser-Irfan-Gilang-Baye-Egi-Dodik

(1st row) Makrim-Ayulia-Dian-Nurul-Ditha-Nure-Whizo


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