Tips to Saving Your Galaxy Tab 3 Battery

Since 8 months ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 the main problem is  it’s battery. Here some tips for your Tab 3 battery life longer:

1. Use Power Saving

This feature will help you save your battery by reducing the screen brightness (if you set the screen brightness into Auto mode) and also reduce the CPU performance.

2. Use Low Screen Brightness

By reducing your screen brightness, its automatically saves your battery. But in some condition we cannot use this like when we’re in outdoor at a day.

3. Use Task Manager

The app like application, games or Android system also consume the battery higher. Sometimes background system or application will drain your battery quickly. You can do this via Task Manager: Press and hold home button –> Task Manager –> in the Active Application tab just tap “End all” to close the open app.

Choose the “RAM Manager” tab. You can clear some activities that used the RAM by tap “Clear all” button in the upside.

4. Turn off Multi Window

This feature is useful, but we don’t need it everytime and you’d better to turn off.

5. Turn Off Mobile Data

When you reading document or listen music and to do something that don’t need internet connection, you’d better to turn off the mobile data connection. Beside save your battery, it can help save your data limit.

6. Use Airplane Mode

I often use Airplane mode because its more effective to save the battery. But you can still connected to the internet using WiFi, except bluetooth.

Maybe there’s the tips for saving your Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 battery, if you have more tips you can share here from comments. Thanks for reading

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