Note of 2nd Congress of Indonesian Diaspora 18-20 Agustus 2013

Day 1

Task Force: Public Health

On this task force, attend diasporas from around the world, such as Japan, Netherland also USA. Here, they shared about public health care on their living country and give some information that could be applied in Indonesia.

In Netherland there’s a program called GP, where one doctor have about 3500 patients. So like doctor centered. A doctor from Indonesia said, they must ready 24/7 for incoming call from the patient. It sound crazy but, the honors is equal as the work.

Task Force: Liveable Cities

Two our ministry from General Work (Pekerjaan Umum) with Mr. Djoko Kirmanto, and from Ministry of Tourism and Creativity Mrs. Mari Elka Pangestu gives their speech for opening this meeting. Some info I get is, 3 cities in Indonesia they’re Bandung, Solo and Pekalongan is submitted to the UNESCO to compete a program that UNESCO will facilitate what they want depend on their proposal and compete with other cities around the world.

Liveable cities can mean as the city where the people can live well with some criteria. Great city can be measure by the infrastructure. An integrated house, office and store like in the Central Park is one of great union, so people can cover they need by walking or bicycling.

Other panelis like Ms. Daliana from Erasmus that explained about Vertical Kampung. It sound similar like Mr. Jokowi’s program. The kampong in Jakarta will be remove and build this vertical kampung. But, Mr. Bianpoen from University of Indonesia give her comment about the vertical kampung, this will be failed. Why? Because the “poor people” that live in the kampung, they will come out from the vertical kampung as the years goes by. Because they like to live in the “horizontal kampung”, as an example when Jokowis relocate people to Marunda, he said few years later, people will go out from there. I don’t know, will be?

Last bu not least, is the traditional house in Indonesia. University of Indonesian student, is the last year is send to “pelosok negeri” to capture, build and documentation traditional house there. The panelis said the student will get their back ticket after finishing that project. It’s the great way to record information how to build a traditional house and develop it so the village can get the income from the tourism that visited their village and stay on the special traditional house.


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