How To Create Numbering in Microsoft Word

Sometime we confuse to make a numbering for our document like final project, task, etc. We always devide the documents into 2 parts, first part for the roman numerals and the second is numeric. It’s won’t happen again, because i’ll share how to make 2 numbering system in one document.

  1. Open new document (2007, 2010 or 2013) new1
  2. Made a section/scenario for the numbering system. And you can use the Page Break
  3. Click at  INSERT, Page Number-> Bottom of Page (depends of your need) new2
  4. Click Format Page Numbers, and choose the roman numerals and don’t forget to start from i2
  5. Click on the page that will be the last page of the roman numerals (ex: you have i….iv,. But you just need until “iii” so you click on the “iv” page)
  6. Click PAGE LAYOUT, find Breaks-> Next Page
  7. Then, click on the footer on the page that will be the first page of numeric number
  8. Click Page Number -> Format Page Number. And you must start from 1 1
  9. Final result will be like this (on the content)


Just it, very simple right? Thanks for reading 🙂


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