Set-Up VMware Workstation

You know some application cannot running on 64 bit Windows,  and sometimes you don’t want make your computer or laptop to dual boot. But for I prefer to dual boot because I had an experience when my laptop fallen from the chair the data on my HDD just can re-indexed by Windows 7, and Windows 8 cannot done it. So I think better to make my laptop dual boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 for some reason. Some people might prefer to use VMware Workstation. It’s like “Windows in Windows” or “Computer in Computer”, you’ll experienced it by yourself.

But no problem if you want to try VMware. Today I’ll make a practice how to set up your VMware on your Windows, currently i using Windows 8 Pro x64.

  1. Install VMware like usual until finish (until Restart)
  2. After restart, open the VMware (currently I using VMware 6.5)
  3. You’ll enter the VMware UI, and click the New Virtual Machine vm1
  4. Choose Typical for easy setup vm2
  5. Choose where the Windows installer is located, from CD or file (.iso) (You can install not only Windows, but also Linux such as fedora, ubuntu, etc.). Then, click Next vm3
  6. Finish the set up by clicking Next
  7. The screen will appears black, the Windows installation (if you  choose Windows) screen will appear like you install your OS, and finished it.
  8. Wait about 30-45 minutes until the virtual machine finished installing all his needs. Don’t worry, the USB port, wifi, etc. is ready to use on your virtual machine.

Enjoy it!


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