My Laptop :(

Unfortunately, my lovely laptop has fallen from my chair in my classroom yesterday. It’s an accidental so I can do nothing. First, the Windows 8 crashed because when it’s hang I tried to turn off my laptop via button and when I reboot again, it can’t booting.

Next day, I tried to use the Windows 7 (because i make it dual boot) and it can repaired it self and I can log on to back up my important files. Not long after this, the laptop crashed and hang again, so I done the same thing like before, turn off the laptop via power button. And, it can’t booting again both WIndows 8 and Windows 7.

So, I bring it to the Asus service center in the Ruko Segitiga Mas, Bandung. The technician said that they will check first, and they will change with new hardware like harddisk if they aren’t find any mistake caused by human error. I hope they can’t find it, hohoho

I hope my laptop can well fast so I can do my assignment, job, gaming etc.


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