Raster Image in MapInfo Professional

What is raster image?

Raster image is a computed image/map that made from pixel. Raster image can create or get by scanning a conventional map using scanner or scanner software. After that the image converted to a file, so you can opened it in MapInfo Professional. Type of file that can opened in MapInfo Professional as raster image they are JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, BMP, TGA (Targa), and BIL (SPOT satellite).

By using raster image, you can easier using paper map and other graphic image to the MapInfo Professional for map base that will be created in MapInfo

Using raster image as the base layer of a map, can give detail background for another layer above it. So you can easier to change the size, scale, or reference point of the dispalyed image.

Opening Raster Image

When opening a raster image, one of important things is to register your image to coordinate the reference point that MapInfo can determine posisition, scale, and image direction so we can layered with vector data above it. But we not always have to register every raster image when we’re doesn’t planning to  use vector data above it or that raster image have contain the goeregistration information.

Raster image consist of three categories :

  1. Full registered image           = Image that doesn’t have control point and projection.
  2. Separate registered image =  Image that have control point and but doesn’t have projection.
  3. Unregistered image              = Image that doesn’t have control point and projection.


MapInfo Professional User Guide



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