First Achievement

Hello everyone, today was a great day! Today I watched “Skyfall” James Bond movie with my girlfriend and it’s an interesting action movie. Beside that, I came to the PFT Lab for the presentation of my group about the map digitation report. There’s 3 groups, and I’m in the second group with Gilang, Nita, and Ana. We got the first number for presentation, but Nita didn’t coming for a reason. Everything looked (near) good, so we done this with a little smile 🙂

Time of announcement!

Yes, this the time from the lab. assistant for announce who’s the winner from category task and the article in the last 2 weeks. Alhamdulilah, I with mba Nita got the first winner of article and I also got the best group based of our task. We write the topic about “Raster Image in MapInfo”. So we got a gift from the assistant, they’re a pen and a Danbo.

Hopefully with this first achievement can motivate me for doing better and better again for the next. Amin

The gift:

The blue one is mine 🙂


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